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Oregon Coast Tide Pools

April 10th, 2018

The Complete Guide – Upper Half ~ They are the most colorful and most enticing parts of the Oregon coastline. Yet they’re small: often hard to find, although teeming with all sorts of freaky life. They come in weird shapes and configurations, with a stunningly strange biology that is completely alien, compared to us. They do things like lose body parts and regenerate them with regularity, or eat the defenses of their enemies and then use them for their own defense.

Yet they can provide some of the most unforgettable beauty on this entire planet – and we have tons of them here on this coast.

Tide pools are the one of the big reasons people enjoy Oregon’s coast, returning again and again to seek out these freaky forms and amaze themselves, or cause the kids to squeal with glee.

One of the questions Oregon Coast Beach Connection gets the most is where to find the tide pools. There are tons in that 180-mile stretch from Florence up to Astoria (which is our coverage range – the upper half of the coast).

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