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7 Tips For Choosing The Ultimate Lincoln City Rental

February 10th, 2018

Lincoln City has plenty to offer, but the success of your visit largely depends on where you choose to stay. You’ll want easy access to Oregon Coast sights and attractions and a reasonable cost, without sacrificing the comforts of home. Here are 7 tips to help you choose the ultimate Lincoln City rental.

No Service Fees
Many Lincoln City rentals exist, but many include steep fees that increase your overall cost. Large network booking sites are charging up to 15 percent service fees before tax. These not so small fees pay their operating costs, but many Lincoln City vacation rentals like Keystone Vacation Rentals do not charge these fees. Why pay more?

Real-Time Customer Support
If you have a problem with your accommodation, you want to speak to a real person to explain your dilemma. Unfortunately, many booking websites are simply mediators between you and the owner. They do not control or guarantee the existence, quality, safety, suitability, or legality of any listings or their accuracy. Basically, you’re on your own. Always look for a rental agency with a regional brick and mortar office, scheduled office hours, and a telephone number for easy contact. Dealing directly with the rental agency means superior customer service and quick resolution.

Regional Credentials
Look for a rental agency with regional credentials. Regional agencies know the area, are more helpful, and have insider knowledge. Membership in organizations such as the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association indicate a strong community investment, dedication to the hospitality industry, and adherence to current state laws.

Outstanding Customer Testimonials
Great rental agencies such as Keystone Vacation Rentals aren’t afraid of scrutiny; they learn from it and improve. Look for websites that allow questions and whether the business responds. Read the customer testimonials too. They often provide important information about how well the business runs their properties and treats their guests.

Active Website
When booking online, photos can deceive. Does the company update their photos regularly to reflect the current condition of the property? Do they maintain a blog and provide valuable information regarding local attractions and events? Are they invested in their business and dedicated to a positive rental experience?

Detailed Listings
Many booking websites offer less information than you need. Is there a fully-equipped kitchen or just a spatula and a stovetop burner? Look for detailed lists of what’s in the home such as appliances in the kitchen, telephone, internet, fitness facilities, and parking. The listing should also include other useful information such as nearby banking, and cultural and recreational facilities. The more they provide, the more likely you’ll find precisely what you want. These Lincoln City vacation rentals at Pacific Winds tell all so you understand precisely what you’ll get and avoid unwanted surprises.

Location, Location, Location
Does a beachfront rental mean its 125 yards or 2 miles away from the water? Can you easily access local attractions and restaurants, the highway, or golf courses if you want to play a round? Look for websites that provide a Google map so you can see where you’ll be. Zoom in and look at the neighborhood to see if meets your standards.


Your Lincoln City visit should be memorable, enjoyable, and worry-free. Follow these 7 tips and you are more likely to find the ideal place to call home while vacationing on the Oregon Coast. Enjoy!


This blog was written by Keystone Vacation Rentals of Oregon.

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