Oregon Coast Agate Hunting

January 2, 2013

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Father, daughter, and dog hunting for agates amongst a lot of rocks on the beach in Oceanside, OR.

Updated October 2022 ~ 

The Oregon Coast is a great place to hunt for agates at any time of year, but especially right after a storm. These hidden gems are typically found close to the shore, where the sea has left a variety of pebbles and rocks. While it’s fun looking for agates at the edge of the tide and near the ocean, you must pay close attention to the tide. Moreover, you can focus on looking for the big agates that occasionally hide amid the bigger rocks when you're close to the shore.

Best Beaches for Agate Hunting in Oregon



Oceanside is an idyllic coastal community located along Oregon’s coast. The popular activities include surfing, whale watching, and, of course, looking for agates. In the winter, when the sand is being swept away by the ocean currents.

There are few places like Oceanside with its beautiful beaches and endless treasure-hunting opportunities. The best agate beach is definitely here; you'll find plenty of rocks to search under while enjoying one of our nation's most scenic landscapes at low tide or high sky--whatever suits your fancy best that day will be just fine too!


Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is located on the Northern Oregon Coast, about an hour and a half drive from Portland. It's known as one of America’s best beaches for its beautiful views and wide array of activities to do in such a short amount of time! There are plenty of treasures that can be found at Cannon Beach like agates which have been used by some native Americans for centuries because they believed these rocks had magical powers; visitors still search for them today looking forward to their own luck bringing home something special while exploring this wonderful place.

Why are there so many agates in Cannon Beach? The answer lies in the geology of the area. Cannon Beach is situated on top of an ancient volcanic flow, and many of the agates come from this lava flow. Over time, the lava has been eroded away by wind and water, leaving behind these beautiful stones. So next time you're looking for a place to find agates, head to Cannon Beach! You're sure to find plenty of these beautiful stones.

People walking the beach and beachcombing at Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach.


Otter Rock

Otter Rock is a great little town located on a picturesque stretch of the Central Oregon Coast. It's hidden among trees and bushes so you have to search for it! This beach is known for its large selection of agates, as well as its scenic surroundings. 

Visitors can explore the tide pools, go hiking, or simply relax on the beach and enjoy the incredible views. Whether you're a seasoned rock hound or a first-time agate hunter, Otter Rock is definitely worth a visit.


Moolack Beach

According to many, the best place to find agates is on Moolack Beach. It is tucked on the Central Oregon Coast, about 4 miles north of Newport. It’s a popular spot for agate hunting, as the waves tend to expose the stones that are embedded in the cliffs. Moolack beach is a great resource for finding all sorts of agates including carnelian, jaspers, and fossil shells.

Whether you’re a seasoned rock hound or a casual beachcomber, a trip to Moolack Beach is sure to be a memorable one. So why not add it to your list of must-see destinations?

A couple walking the beach on the Central Oregon Coast hunting for agates.


Beverly Beach

Beverly Beach State Park is a great place to find agates. The beach is located on the Central Oregon Coast, about halfway between Newport and Florence. Agates can be found all along the Oregon Coast, but Beverly Beach is one of the best spots for finding them. The agates at Beverly Beach are typically small, but they come in a wide range of colors. To find the agates, look for them among the rocks and pebbles on the beach. With a little patience and some luck, you're sure to find some beautiful agates.


Lincoln City

The best beach for agates in Oregon is Siletz Bay, which is located just north of Lincoln City. Agates can also be found on the beaches of Depoe Bay and Newport, but Siletz Bay is by far the best place to look for them. In addition to looking for agates, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife that Lincoln City has to offer. There are miles of beaches to explore, as well as hiking trails, parks, and nature reserves. So whether you're looking for agates or just a nice place to relax, Lincoln City is the perfect destination.



For anyone interested in Yachats and agates, the Yachats Agate Festival is the perfect place to be. This event is held every year in Yachats and attracts people from all over the world. The festival offers a chance to view some of the most beautiful agates on display, as well as learn about their formation and history. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities to buy agates and other gemstones from local vendors. Whether you're a seasoned rock hound or just getting started, the Yachats agate festival is sure to be a memorable experience.

Beachcombing for agates near Yachats at Stoney Field beach.


Agates are a type of semi-precious stone that can be found in a variety of colors and patterns. They are commonly used in jewelry and as decorative objects, but they can also be collected for their unique beauty.

Truly agate hunting is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air, and it can also be quite therapeutic. The best part about it is that you never know what you might find. Oregon is home to some of the best beaches for agates, so if you're interested in giving it a try, definitely check out one of these spots. You might just find the perfect stone to add to your collection.


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