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Lincoln City Oregon: Neighborhoods and Top Places to Stay

January 7, 2024

Categories: Lincoln City | Central Oregon Coast

Lincoln City, Oregon, encompasses various neighborhoods, districts, and recreation areas within Lincoln County. Each destination has its own unique characteristics and attractions.

Located in the northern part of Lincoln City, Roads End offers stunning coastal views and serene surroundings. Its beach access, vacation rentals, and outdoor recreational opportunities are well-known. 

Devils Lake, located just east of Lincoln City, is a popular place for water sports and freshwater fishing. You will also find plenty of picnicking spots around the lake to enjoy while taking in the scenery.

The Taft District in Lincoln City used to be a separate town famous for fishing. Located in the south area if town. It retains its historical charm with shops, restaurants, art galleries, and the picturesque Siletz Bay. 

The Nelscott neighborhood is famous for its beach, a popular spot for surfing, kite flying, and scenic walks along the coastline. It boasts various accommodations and dining options.

Aerial view overlooking Roads End State Park, the beach, ocean, and neighborhood,

Photo: Calypso - Roads End, 5 Bedroom Vacation Home


Roads End Neighborhood 

Situated in the northern part of Lincoln City, Roads End provides breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. The area is somewhat secluded, with miles of beach - which adds to its charm! It’s a great place to take a walk by the sea.

Beach Access: The Roads End State Recreation Site is a highlight, offering public beach access for everyone to enjoy. People know the beach for its picturesque scenery, tide pools, and opportunities for beach combing!

Where to Stay: Vacation rentals are abundant in Roads End, from small cottages to large beachfront homes. Many people visit this place to enjoy peace and quiet, as well as to be near the beach. They come here for a relaxing retreat or a family vacation. For action and nightlife, go to Chinook Winds Casino, just a 2-minute drive from the neighborhood.


Devils Lake

Devil's Lake is a lake near Highway 101 in Lincoln City, making it easy for both locals and tourists to reach. 

Recreation: Devil's Lake is a seasonal hub for various recreational activities. Boating, kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding are popular here. The lake is suitable for both experienced and novice boaters, but don’t forget your life jacket!

Fishing: The lake's stocking of rainbow trout makes it a great spot for fishing. Anglers can also find bass, catfish, and other species in its waters.

Picknicing & Parks: Devil's Lake has many parks and picnic spots where people can gather, eat, and relax by the water.


Historic Taft District

The Taft District is a mix of history, culture, and nature. Visitors can learn about the past and enjoy the beautiful views and activities at Siletz Bay. Taft, in southern Lincoln City, has beautiful views of the water and estuary at Siletz Bay.

Taft has a long history since the 1900s as a busy fishing town. President William Howard Taft gave it its name.

Cultural Heritage: The district retains its historical charm with a mix of old and new. Home to several historic buildings, shops, art galleries, and restaurants that reflect its heritage.

Attractions: The district is famous for Mo's Restaurant, a local institution known for its clam chowder and bayfront views. Visitors also enjoy exploring its antique shops and art studios.


Nelscott Beach

The Nelscott Beach area is a beautiful stretch of coastline located in Lincoln City, Oregon. It is in the central area of Lincoln City along the Oregon Coast. Highway 101 provides easy access to it, and it’s famous for stunning views and pristine sands.

Accessibility: Its central location within Lincoln City means that it's easily reachable for visitors staying in the area. Close to various accommodations, dining options, and other attractions in the city.

Beach Access: Access to Nelscott Beach is convenient, with multiple access points and parking areas available nearby. Visitors can walk by the sea, take in the views, and explore tide pools when the tide is low. 

Surfing: Surfers throughout the year love the beach for its world-class surfing and consistent waves. Every year, people who love surfing come here for competitions and to ride the waves on the Oregon Coast. 


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