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Lincoln City - Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio

January 1, 2011

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Updated 12/30/2021

Blow your own glass float!  What a great way to spend some of your vacation time creating a unique keepsake from your beach trip...   At this glassblowing studio you will have the opportunity not only to see glassblowing in progress, but also to experience the art.  If you need lodging information for Lincoln City, check out our list of Lincoln City beach rentals, many of these rental homes can accommodate your large group needs.

The Jennifer Sears Glass Blowing Studio is now located in the Lincoln City Glass Center, offering glassblowing demonstrations free to the public, Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., exclusive of a few major holidays. You will also find beautiful glass art for sale from in-house artist and co-owner of Lincoln City Glass Center, Kelly Howard.

Create Your Own Glass Art

For a modest fee, you can book a glassblowing class online! The artists at the studio will also teach anyone in your group who wishes how to blow their own glass float or make their own paperweight. Those in your group who seek out the artist within and blow a float are photographed with their creation, which is ready for them to take home at noon the following day. Photography and questions are allowed and encouraged, and the artists make every effort to educate guests about the various techniques of glass art. Retail sales of glass art are not available on premises.

Public restrooms and visitor information about the area are available, and a deli across the parking lot at the IGA makes an inexpensive lunch readily available. You can even eat lunch while you watch glass art being created. If a number of people in your group plan on blowing their own float or making their own paperweight, it is best to call ahead for reservations. Recommended time allotment for your stay is 45-60 minutes plus 20-25 minutes for every person in the group who wishes to blow a float or make a paperweight. Group information has changed, please call for questions and current information.

Group Information Updates! Please call (541) 996-2569

Location: Jennifer Sears Glass Art - Lincoln City Glass Center

4821 SW Highway 101
Lincoln City, Oregon 97367

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