Things to Do in Cannon Beach

September 5, 2022

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If you love feeding your eyes and soul with beautiful scenery, soothing fresh air, and dramatic shoreline vistas, you should consider making a trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon. Known for its towering Haystack rock and stunning sandy beaches, Cannon Beach is ranked by National Geographic Magazine as amongst the 100 most beautiful places in the world.

With so many side attractions and surrounding beautiful landscapes, you may be wondering what Cannon Beach can offer its visitors. Well, there are so many things one can do in Cannon Beach. Whether you are a first-time visitor or have visited in the past, there is always some fun to catch on this beach. This post will uncover what to do in Cannon Beach to make the most out of your visit.

Cannon Beach Haystack Rock at sunset with beautiful blue sky and orange clouds.

Top Things to Do in Cannon Beach

If you've decided to check out this magnificent coastal beach in Oregon, there is hardly a chance that you'll go unsatisfied. Highlighted below are Cannon Beach things to do.


Haystack Rock

If you fancy the thrills of nature, the Haystack Rock, which stands as the centerpiece and one of the wonders of Cannon Beach, might be a nice place for photoshoots and video reels. The Haystack Rock can serve as a great background for your photoshoots and video reels. Also, for some visitors, Haystack Rock adds a touch of nature to their events and pictures. 

If you want to visit and have a feel of Haystack Rock, you can easily access the rock through 2nd street, near the downtown parking area. The distance from this parking area to the rock is about a mile, making it easy for visitors to walk straight to the rock's location.


Visit Ecola State Park

Cannon Beach should be on the list if you are looking for a destination with a blend of beach-like appearance and parks. There is Ecola State Park, which is a great park no one would like to miss.

The park is a must-see beauty located just a few minutes' drives through the moss-covered rainforest at the north end of Cannon Beach. The road ends at one of the most well-known viewpoints on the Oregon Coast, with views of capes and headlands. The park offers a variety of amenities, including wide, easy walking paths, hiking trails, small picnic spaces, and access to Crescent Beach and Indian Beach.

Your trip will not be complete if you fail to visit this park sitting on the edge of Tillamook Head. From outdoor recreations, including surfing, tide-pooling, picnicking, and wildlife observation, to hiking opportunities, Ecola State Park has limitless attractions that will leave you spellbound. Its scenic atmosphere and alluring environment ensure that your coming is worthwhile.

A woman sitting on a log at the beach watching the surfers and people playing in the sand.


Bonfire on the Beach

How about a bonfire arrangement with friends and families on the beach? Setting up a bonfire with friends and families at dusk is one of the fun-filled activities people engage in at Cannon Beach. In the cold, a warm fire pit calms our senses and brings out tales that knit families and friends together. With a vast stretch of flat sandy areas, a bonfire at Cannon Beach can be a pleasing site to behold in the dark.

Of course, the Oregon Coast is known to get a bit chilly after the sunset, so what a great excuse to dig a pit in the sand, build up a nice fire, and roast up some marshmallows. Just remember that the Oregon Department of Forestry asks that you start your fire no closer than 50-feet from dune grass or any structures. Also, make sure that your fire is completely out before you leave. For updated burning rules, please visit

Several bonfires with friends and families glowing on the beach during a beautiful sunset.


Cannon Beach Fat Bike Route

With a handful of different bike rental shops to pick from in Cannon Beach, take a long 6 miles bike ride right on the shore and alongside Hug Point. This moderate ride maxes out at about 81-feet in elevation with a nice decline to help you cool down towards the end of your trip. Remember to pack lots of water and download their bike route map!


Beach Picnic

Whatever your picnic plan might be, Cannon Beach is a perfect destination for your picnics. Regardless of the number of people involved, there is enough space to accommodate picnics of different sizes. In addition, the subtle sound that comes from the waters and the surrounding trees scattered along the coastlines are enough to give color to any picnic.

If you're worried about where to get things for your picnic, there are downtown shopping areas off Hemlock street where you can find tourist shops, restaurants, and boutiques. The availability of these shops makes it easy for anyone to plan and host a picnic at Cannon Beach.


Kite Flying

Ever wondered what it would look like to fly a kite on the coast of Cannon Beach? Kite flying is one of the activities many people engage in at Cannon Beach. Sometimes, it gets windy around the coast, making it pretty easy for your kite to fly high and dive deep into the sand. 

Kite flying at the coast of Cannon Beach could be a great way to learn about the effect of the wind on moving objects in the sky and a perfect way to learn hand-eye coordination and kinesthetic awareness.

A person flying a kite against a blue sky on sandy beach along the ocean.


Hike at Hug Point

If you're still not satisfied with the Cannon Beach things to do above, a hike at the Hug Point is another thrilling engagement you can try. The Hug Point State Recreation Site is a fantastic hiking spot that sits just 7 minutes away from the southern part of Cannon Beach. It's home to many hike teams who visit the coast.

At Hug Point, you can check out some natural vistas such as caves, waterfalls, and tide pools, all of which produce a natural aura for Cannon Beach visitors.


A Visit to the Pelican Brewery

A visit to Pelican Brewery along Cannon Beach can be an amazing experience for beer lovers. After a cozy adventure at the heart of the beach, you can touch down at the local brewpub right off the beach, where you can have a taste of the beers and some local foods.


Visit Seaside

A visit to nearby Seaside is just 15 minutes away offering family fun with arcades and games for kids. This busy beach town in Oregon features a magnificent oceanfront promenade and wide sandy beaches. While in Seaside, enjoy any of the activities that interest you the most, including hiking, biking, clamming, and more. 



It's always essential to know beforehand what to do when you are on vacation to avoid confusion. Adequate preparation helps to keep you on track and ensures that you make the most out of your Cannon Beach trip by enhancing your pleasurable experience and making things pretty much easy for you.

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