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Things to Do and See in Seaside, Oregon

December 8, 2021

Categories: Seaside | North Oregon Coast

The Beach in Seaside, Oregon

Seaside is a small beach town in Oregon, attracting more and more visitors every year. The city is famous for its numerous serene beaches, easy access to the ocean, and stunning sunsets. As you are planning your next vacation or weekend getaway, make sure to include Seaside on your list of destinations!

For your lodging needs, choose from our great selection of Seaside beach houses and condos featuring oceanfront and pet friendly rentals, and be sure to book your stay early! Here are a few highlights of some things to do in Seaside, Oregon.

Places to See in Seaside, Oregon

1.    Visit the Seaside Aquarium: This aquarium is home to innumerous species of sea life, including fish, otters, birds, and more. You can also find educational talks about the animals at daily scheduled times or participate in an event like their annual sandcastle contest held each summer. You can also find educational discussions about the animals at daily scheduled times or participate in an event like their yearly sandcastle contest held each summer. Located downtown Seaside, north on the promenade which borders the beach.

2.    Go on a Day Trip to Cannon Beach: Cannon Beach is a small seaside community in Oregon, the United States of America. The city is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches, amazing sunrises, and challenging surf. Here are some things to see while exploring Cannon Beach. On your way there, stop by the Tillamook Cheese Factory (now known as The Tillamook Creamery) for some free samples and a fun tour! Once you have arrived at the beach, explore Ecola State Park. This Park has everything from hiking trails to tide pools teeming with marine life. There are also various scenic viewpoints along these paths where visitors can take breathtaking photographs of the ocean below.

3.    Savor Seaside's Farmers Market: Each Saturday from May/June through September, and you can find fresh produce and tasty food items at this market. This is an excellent opportunity to try some of the best local dishes made by chefs that will leave you to want to stay and explore with your taste buds. You can also pick up flowers and crafts while enjoying live music during the summer months on Wednesdays as well!

4.    Shop at Seaside's boutiques: You can find unique and trendy clothing, accessories, and gifts in the many shops throughout Seaside. It is a great place to shop if you're looking for that perfect souvenir or gift to bring back home after your trip. You can find unique and trendy clothing, accessories, and gifts in the many shops located throughout Seaside. It is a great place to shop if you're looking for that perfect souvenir or gift to bring back home after your trip.

5.    Go for some biking along the Promenade: Every day, you can find people riding their bikes, walking dogs, or just enjoying the sunshine on this famous Seaside Promenade. Along with offering gorgeous views of both mountains and beach fronts, it is also considered one of Seaside's most kid-friendly areas as well! You'll find numerous pathways leading to the beach and you can even enjoy swinging on the huge beach swing set! 

Beach pathways heading to the ocean at Seaside, Oregon

6.    Take a ride on the Seaside Trolley: This trolley runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day and offers visitors easy access to all downtown areas and many popular attractions like the aquarium. It's also completely free, which makes it an affordable way to travel around town!

7.    Visit Seaside's famous carousel: This is one of the most photographed attractions in town and was built by a local artisan back in 1910. Today you can enjoy riding on the beautifully restored horses that offer amazing views of both mountains and ocean fronts during your ride. Today you can enjoy riding on the beautifully restored horses that offer amazing views of both mountains and ocean fronts during your ride. Additionally, visitors can find many things to do here, including visiting historic sites like Fort Clatsop National Memorial.

8.    Take a boat tour of the Columbia River: The sightseeing cruises on this river are perfect for those looking to explore more than just the beach. You can learn about local history, check out some dolphins or even see Mt. St. Helens! The sightseeing tours offered here are perfect for people interested in learning more than just seaside attractions. Visitors may be able to spot sea lions and dolphins swimming alongside their boats as they journey up one of America's most historic rivers! They also offer trips that allow passengers to see Mount St. Helen up close after it erupted in 1980 due to its massive eruption.

Things to Do and Enjoy in Seaside, Oregon

1.    Take a drive along Highway 26: If you are looking for some road trips, then take highway 26 from Seaside, heading west towards Tillamook or east toward Portland, and see various sights on your way! Keep in mind that this is an active highway with slow-moving traffic, so keep your eyes open always! Don't forget to stop by at Multnomah Falls while driving through it near Bridal Veil, Oregon.

2.    Visit Sand Lake Recreation Area located off Highway 101 South of Cannon Beach: This recreation area has several options. You can relax at camping sites and have boat ramp access to launch smaller watercraft into Sand Lake itself, fishing spots both within the park boundaries and outside of the park boundaries.

3.    Enjoy Ecola State Park: Ecola State Park is located between Seaside and Cannon Beach, Oregon, on the north shore of scenic Highway 101. The main attractions are rocky headlands and wild areas with wildlife like elk, black bears, and other animals like raccoons or squirrels. It is a stunning place to explore, with trails like Ecola Point Trail, which leads you along the coast and offers scenic views of Tillamook Head. Moreover, it offers stunning views along the coastline! Enjoy whale watching in the winter season (Dec-March) from this place itself! Be sure to visit Indian Beach while there, it's a beautiful, secluded area with tide-pools and it's a favorite spot for surfing.

4.    Head towards Sunset Beach Park located right along Highway 101 South of Cannon Beach: This beach also has another name called Warrenton Beach, so make sure you don't get confused between both these beaches when planning your trip here! It provides good opportunities for swimming during the summer months due to its calm waters, which have a mild slope at entry points, making it easy for people with different levels of experience in water sports. During winter, you can visit this beach to watch the sunset and feel the cool breeze that comes in from the Pacific Ocean!

5.    Explore Oswald West, State Park: Oswald West was established as a state park back in 1930 by Oregon Legislative Assembly due to its popularity among locals and tourists alike. The state park has scenic coastline views along sandy beaches with beautiful rock formations all around it! During the winter season, it is a perfect spot for whale-watching activities.

6.    Visit Hug Point State Wayside: Hug Point is located on the Pacific Coast Highway, just south of Cannon Beach. This place has stunning views with sandy beaches and a rocky coastline during summer, which looks fantastic when waves hit it hard in stormy weather conditions! You can also get your sights on exquisite animal life like Bald Eagles etc. A popular tourist activity includes walking along the beach towards the north cliffside, where you will see an old, abandoned car stuck there at the high tide mark (which happened back in 1940)!

7.    Visit the Seaside Museum and Historical Society: This museum is located right on Broadway Street. It features many exhibits like the Victorian era, Native American culture, etc., which makes it a great place to visit! The Seaside Museum also has its own research library that is open to the public. It has an extensive collection of books, manuscripts, and other resources related to the history of Seaside and its surroundings. The museum also has an excellent gift shop, which is a great place to buy souvenirs for your visit.


Seaside is a beautiful place that offers many activities for people to enjoy. The scenic drives along the highway will take you to some of our state parks and popular destinations on the North Oregon Coast.  Ecola State Park, for example, features breathtaking views that are perfect for hiking trails! This Oregon beach town has something for everyone, so make sure you include it as one of your destinations during the summer season, if not year-round.

December 8, 2021 | By Ankit Sharma

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