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5 Memorable Things to Do in Neskowin, Oregon

December 29, 2022

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The beach and Proposal Rock in Neskowin on a sunny day.

Neskowin Beach, Proposal Rock, and Cascade Head by mk97007 ~

You have heard a lot about Neskowin, Oregon, and now you have decided to have your next vacation there but are bereft of ideas of the things to do to make your journey adventurous and carefree. Worry no more, as this piece gets you covered.  

The lovely village of Neskowin, Oregon offers numerous fun-filled outdoor activities to visitors making it a popular destination. Its beautiful beach stretches from the northern Nestucca River to its southern tip, with Cascade Head rising to 1200 feet. Neskowin Beach Golf Course, Winema Wayfinding Point, Proposal Rock, and more are the top attractions that will maximize your vacation experience in Neskowin, Oregon.

However, with so many things to do in Neskowin, one can easily be confused with finding the best attraction, tours, and activities for fun and relaxation. So read on as we dive deep to uncover what you want to do in Neskowin, Oregon, to have a memorable experience. 


The 5 Most Exciting Things to Do in Neskowin, Oregon

Adequate preparation is essential when wanting to go on vacation. While booking your stay, flight, or rail ticket, remember to have a do-list that will help guide you through your journey. You'll want to itemize what to do, where to visit, and more to have a hitch-free vacation experience. 

A lot of times, vacations that would have brought a lasting and great experience turned out to be the opposite because the vacationer didn't plan what to do before reaching their destinations. However, knowing the things beforehand will help you find the perfect activities to create life-long memories.

Here are some activities you'll want to do while vacationing in Neskowin...


Visit Neskowin Beach Golf Course

Close to Portland and Salem and popularly known as the Jewel of the Oregon Coast, Neskowin Beach Golf is a favorite destination for many tourists. Designed by Ercel Kay and opened in 1932, the golf course is among the oldest on the Oregon Coast and offers historical value and a natural setting.

There are numerous distinguishing features of Neskowin Beach Golf Course. For instance, it has well-groomed fairways and two sets of tees for varying skill levels. In addition, it measures 2591 yards from the longest tee, has a slope rating of 103, and a 32 USGA rating. The nine-hole, 35-par has a pleasant clubhouse that offers charming hospitality to many locals and visitors alike. 

The staff can offer tips for playing your best round if you're not yet a professional golfer. And when you've finished golfing, visit the Café on Hawk Creek, known for their wood-fired pizza, or grab a made to order gourmet sandwich at Neskowin Trading Company, where you can also get specialty groceries, fine wines, beer, and beverages.


Visit Proposal Rock

If you long for adventure or romance or are a photography enthusiast, proposal rock is a spectacular setting. This prominent attraction is one of the most accessible stack rocks adorning the Oregon Coast. On the top are a few trees and undergrowth covering the rock. 

Originally known as 'Schlock" by the Native Americans who first lived there, the rock got its new name from a local legend of a sea captain taking his beloved there to propose to her many decades ago. The proposal happened between Charly Gage and Della page. And to make the event forever memorable, Della's mother, Sarah, renamed the rock Proposal Rock to mark the occasion. 

Proposal Rock is a perfect place for hiking, and you will want to climb to the top and take some breathtaking views. However, if you're an inexperienced hiker or rock climber, you should stay at the base because of the steep incline to get to the top. And also, ensure you go during a low tide and safe day. 


The Ghost Forest

Another fascinating attraction you wouldn't want to miss, especially if you're visiting during the winter months, is visiting the Ghost Forest. According to a scientific explanation, the Ghost Forests are the remnants of Sitka Spruce trees that were destroyed by earthquakes or tsunamis some centuries ago. The stumps of these trees were buried beneath the earth but were not eroded by the decaying impact of oxygen and subsequently flushed out of existence by the tides. 

However, a series of storms in 1997-1998 unearthed this mysterious past of the Sitka Spruce Forest. At the low tide, you can see 100 ancient stumps popping up out of the beach. Some sizable stumps eroded, creating shallow pools that usually get sea life trapped when the tide is low. As a result, you can sometimes see crabs and fish in the pools waiting for the tide to return and take them to their natural abode.

Neskowin Ghost Forest and Proposal Rock in the background.

Neskowin Ghost Forest by loa bacon


Shop At Neskowin Farmers Market

Your trip will not be complete if you don't go shopping at the Neskowin Farmer's Market. At this marketplace, you will see high-quality fruits, veggies, and baked goods. Neskowin Farmers Market holds every Saturday from 9 am- 1 pm from late spring to fall, and you can buy fresh local produce, including local meat, fish, painting, and jewelry. 

Neskowin Farmers Market offers a friendly, casual, and low-pressure feel. There are usually some local entertainers adding color and warmth to the atmosphere which will liven you up. 


Winema Wayfinding Point

The Winema Wayfinding Point is a charming place to have great fun, especially when you want some element of serenity. It offers you a scenic view of the sea and lake. This wonderful beach has a lake and varieties of trees, which helps you to reconnect with nature deeply. The thunderous sound of the ocean wave and the colorful ambiance all add to the long-lasting experience. 


Give Yourself a Treat  

Hang out and get some sumptuous food like crab, cake pizza, burger salads, and more. You can get this delicious food and savor them at the Cafe on Hawk Creek. You can also consider adding gourmet food which you can at Neskowin Trading Company to maximize your enjoyment. 

Doing some or all these things will undoubtedly offer you a vacation full of memorable experiences with no dulling moment. 

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